e martë, 2 tetor 2007

Thing 23 and me!

Well i have made it to the end and boy did it sure take me a long time to get this far! Either way it was an interesting project that I took part it. It's neat to think that I have been only 1 of hundreds of people who worked on 23 Things!

I knew a good bit of the stuff that we went over but there were most definately some things that i just didnt know! Some of this i will use in the future and some i may try to avoid. Library THing was an awesome discovery but the Technorati wasn't as great. I've also helepd some of my fellow employees in this task and that has helped me to understand the projects even more.

I am going to try to visit these sites often and perhaps continue to add new things i discover on my blog or bloglines.

Looks for e-books

well..i dont think my library has a subscription to either Netlibrary or overdrive and if we do i certainly could not figure out how to log ont an account. That being said i looked around the project Gutenberg website and try to find any selections i wanted. It seems that this website is pretty much limited to the classics and doesn'thave any current releases. This would be helpful to college age students and could provide a more relaxing way to read required books for a class. There werent too many titles i was looking to download, in fact i am not sure i would do very well with online reading or listening to stories. (it doesnt have the same feel). these resources could be very useful for a library and would provide a number of books right at a person's fingertips!

Podcasts...like whales and apple pie!

Pod casting is something i have never done before and i am the owner of an ipod. I am actually interested in invetigating this further...I am looking at podcast.net and chcking around for some podcasts i may like.

As luck would have it i found something i am loving..i typed in a favorite band on mine into the search bar and it popped up with Rad Rock Podcast! I am pretty excited that i found something i am going to enjoy and want to listen to each time a new session is released...i just noticed that these podcasts are from 2005 and i dont think they will be making anymore.

It was fun to try and i am glad that i found out how it all really works I also added some things to my bloglines

me-tube, we-tube, us-tube, you-tube

Funny we should have a youtube blog...i actually have a very silly little video clip of a friend and i and our adventures. I made it before he moved to Canada and then to England and sent it to him. It was put up on youtube and sometimes i go watch and get a kick out of it..so here it is!

There are some other videos on youtube that i like to watch...some of them are by people that make new videos each week and others are just random spur of the moment videos that people throw up there (like mine!). This next video is by a group called Smosh and if i am correct they won a youtube award last year for funny videos, this is one of my favorites of theirs. They make new ones a lot (www.smosh.com)

The winner is...

Surfing these websites is something i know i can handle. I am already familiar with Yahoo Answers and have actually asked questions and participated in some of the answering. It's a really neat website broken down into various categories like "arts" "beauty" "dinning out"and many others. Each is just filled with tons of questions that you can answer if you feel you can provide some helpful solutions! It's a fun way to help people with something that maybe you have experience with.

I am also familiar with a number of other winners including facebook, meebo, youtube, etc.

Zoho-ho and a bottle of rum?

Until today i was completey unaware that this "free" word processor existed. Now the idea is just wonderful, you never have to worry about not having the most up to date microsoft office or anything but i dont think i will use this very often. Right now i have office 2007 and it works wonders for me because i understand it and i can do all kinds of things to jazz up my school work. In addition i am not sure how teachers would feel about getting these documents.

Either was the concept is pretty cool and the best part? ITS FREE!

Playing in the Sandbox

That was pretty neat...when i first read the task i felt a little concerned...it sounded rather confusing. The good thing however is that it really was easy. I was neat too, i enjoyed seeing what people had to say and adding my thoughts as well. I think i may return to the site and look around some more.

I added my favorite books as well as summer memories